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When I brought my dog Mishka into Greater Lansing Vet Center she was already so sick from her sudden illness that she couldn’t even move, and the news of a 50/50 chance to even survive the surgery broke my heart, but Dr. Nelms and her amazing team are a bunch of miracle workers. They were not only able to save my beloved Mishka but she has more spirit and energy than she has had in a long time. I honestly don’t know how to thank them enough or how I could ever repay such kindness and love for their patients. Thank you so much for everything you do, you all are mine and Mishka’s heroes.

Taylor M.
March 10, 2024

Sunday evening my beloved 2 year and 9 month Bernedoodle Fynn started dry heaving and was was whining and unable to get comfortable. I knew something was not normal because he is not a “whiner”. I googled emergency vets and only two came up. I made the decision to take Fynn to Williamston because I felt after I called both places GLVC would be able to see him or at least triage him quicker. I feel blessed that I made this decision as they diagnosed him with GDV within 20 minutes of my arrival. I feel that if I had waited or he had not been seen so quickly the outcome would have not been in our favor. I brought Fynn home on Tuesday evening after a life saving surgery. I feel very blessed to still have him with me. Thank you GVLC for saving my boy!

Cheryl D.
November 16, 2023

This week we had the unfortunate experience of our mini-dachshund being attacked by a large breed dog which I will leave there. I rushed to the closest facility only to be told they did not have staff to care for wounds and directed me to your clinic. From the time I walked in until I left early the next morning the staff were fantastic, respectful, compassionate and helpful. I cannot say enough about the fantastic service your clinic provided us. This has continued with my countless questions and support this weekend as our personal vet was out of town. There are no words to express our gratitude for the service you provided and quick action to save our little dog’s life. We are still in the critical window of time to fully recover but the healing process has indeed started and she is doing well. Again, to all and especially the medical team who I never truly met face to face. THANKS!!!

Ken A.
July 22, 2023

So very thankful for the staff, along with Dr. Nelms for her superior expertise with our German Rottweiler, Rebel. We needed an emergency vet after our fur baby took a fall that led to an unexpected and unfortunate outcome, Greater Lansing Veterinary Clinic was the only one willing to take him in immediately. The sincere care and compassion of the staff helped to make this difficult process easier on myself and my family. Although we had to make a heart wrenching decision, and our beloved Rebel passed away, we are thankful that he was in good hands with such a reputable clinic that cared for him as their own!

Lindsay D.
April 26, 2023

As a cattle veterinarian I am grateful that you are available 24/7/365. Last year about this time Fenimore was at deaths door with a bilirubin of 20 mg/dl and liver values off the chart – Drs Nelms and Erickson were spectacular. Fenimore bounced back with vigor. Today he is a happy, healthy, normal dog with normal blood work and the expectation of a normal life span. Kudos to this group for creating and providing high quality care through COVID and beyond. Fenimore sends his best regards and thanks!

Dr. Lana K.
April 21, 2023

Friday evening Spirit my GSD ran into the side of my car as I parked in the drive. I tried the closest vet, but I was 3 min late from regular hours and they were gone. I drove to GLVC. It was not long before she was being examined. I spent several hours in the car and the Dr. told me I could take her home and observe her or leave her. I chose the latter as she could have the medication IV to reduce brain swelling as well as pain meds. I finally felt comfortable to go home. Dr. called at 5am and her status had improved so she could go home. I got there around 9am. Discharge was slow as many seriously ill or injured animals came in. I wanted to help! Great staff, extremely busy yet very dedicated, caring and compationate. Spirit was wagging her tail as we left. Spirit and I want to thank everyone for making a bad experience turn into a great experience.

Maryann T.
November 6, 2022

At about 9pm on Friday night, Beagle Bailey started to let me know that something wasn’t right. I was a little concerned, but she had a few health issues, and I had seen this before, I figured it would pass. By midnight, she was getting worse, and she seemed to be in distress. I looked up GLVC online just in case. At 2:30am, I knew we were going in, and I knew it was bad. I called GLVC and they asked me to fill out the online form and to let them know when I arrived. When I arrived, they took Beagle Bailey in, but the Doctor was in Emergency Surgery, so I spent a couple of anxious hours in the car. But they called me a few times to keep me aware of what was going on. Then at about 5:30, the Doctor called me and gave me the results of the X-Rays and blood work. They invited me inside, and by 6:30am Beagle Bailey had crossed the Rainbow Bridge with the help of some of the most amazing and compassionate people I have ever met. Who works at those hours on a Saturday morning? And even more importantly, who works at that time of the morning with the care and compassion in their hearts that the staff at GLVC does? I have no idea, but I do know I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to be there for Bailey when she needed them. Thank you to everyone that worked at GLVC on the night of 09/24/22. You are all truly amazing, and I will never forget you.

Chuck H.
September 28, 2022

I took my puppy Shadow there when he was 15 weeks old as I believed he got in some poison (it’s been almost a year ago). The staff from the phone call, to receptionist and everyone was very kind and caring. They took Shadow and checked thoroughly and gave medicine needed based on the suspected poison. Very great place and great people. My Shadow is a happy, healthy big boy now. So happy I found GLVC.

Alice J.
September 16, 2022

I brought my cat Alice to Greater Lansing Vet Center upon referall from my primary vet because of their ultrasound capabilities. They were extremely busy when I arrived but they took Alice back right away and started taking care of her. For 2 days we worked together to do many tests and treat her symptoms, and during that process, every person I talked to was kind, compassionate, respectful, and easy to talk to. They explained things clearly and gave me all of the knowledge they had and every option available. I live an hour and a half away and would call at night for updates on how she was and they were so patient with me when I’m sure they always had so much going on. In the end her prognosis wasn’t good and when I had to make the hardest decisions, they were there. They gave me as much time with her as I wanted. They even helped cancel some tests we had previously sent out. I have no doubts that while this was difficult, that difficulty was lessened by the care of the entire staff here.

Amanda B.
March 28, 2022

I have been here twice now and they are so good to my babies! And not as expensive as you would expect for emergency visits! The staff is kind even at 2am! Will always come here for my emergencies!

Amanda H.
October 27, 2021

The Greater Lansing Veterinary Center saved our puppy’s life!!

We took our 11 month old puppy to be spayed at another vet center and later that day got a call that the surgery was rough and that our dog had lost a lot of blood…

We rushed to the MSU clinic (an hour away) shortly after getting home from the initial vet because she was lethargic and nonresponsive. They did not have a surgeon on staff so they sent us to Greater Lansing Vet Center where Dr. Erickson and his staff were very compassionate and worked quickly to get Mya in for surgery to find and stop the bleeding. They were sure to update us often letting us know what was going on from before they began surgery all the way through to recovery. Once Mya was in recovery, we were able to go back and see her and spend a little time with her. She had been through so much and we didn’t know for sure if she was going to make it through the night.

Now, a week later, Mya is doing great recovering at home thanks to the wonderful caring people and Greater Lansing Veterinary Center. After our experience with them we wouldn’t take our pets anywhere else for emergency care and would highly recommend Doctor Erickson and his staff. They were absolutely wonderful!

Leana L.
October 24, 2021

I wanted to drop a note to thank you for the care you extended to my two year old poodle. Sam was suffering from a GDV (which we thankfully caught quickly). Eight days after his near-death experience, we are having a difficult time containing his exuberance. Without your quick response, and getting Sam immediately into surgery he would not be with us today. We’re grateful for the care that your team extended to our family and our pup.

Each time I spoke with the doctors I was pleased by their bedside manner and their willingness to consider my perspective as a pet owner. Once we elected for surgery your team provided me with a (pretty wide) range of treatment cost. I was cynical and felt certain that no matter how complex his treatment did or did not end up being, I would end up paying near the top of the range. It turned out that I paid near the bottom. This demonstrated a high level of integrity from your team and was a welcome surprise during a stressful experience.

Thank you again!

Gary H.
October 12, 2021

I recently brought my dog here for emergency care. The techs that assisted me at the front desk were very kind and helpful, especially because my dog was unable to walk at that point.

While my dog was at the end of his life and they could only provide end of life care, every person I encountered at this practice was the epitome of professionalism and compassion. They explained everything they did in an easy to understand manner, were up front and honest about their abilities and what we could expect to happen, and guided us through making incredibly difficult decisions gently and while expressing their condolences.

While I don’t wish anyone go through what I had to, the difficulty was lessened by the care received here.

Emily L.
October 10, 2021

I took my 14 year old Shepard/husky in on a Saturday. She was getting progressively weaker, and finally couldn’t stand. I probably knew what the outcome would be, but the staff was very compassionate and caring about the whole process. They gave me an update on her status when I inquired and gave me privacy when I needed it. She was my son’s dog , with me while he was in training for Army and Federal Government. They gave me as much time to visit with her as I wanted and I was able to FaceTime with my son for her last moments. They also called on Sunday to say they had her blanket, and to make arrangements for its return. They were extremely busy, but every staff member was kind and caring and calm.

Louise P.
August 16, 2021

Our 11 year old dog woke up with hind end paralysis and we brought him in because no one close to us could see him that day. We were treated with the utmost compassion. Our dogs prognosis was not good and the staff was so understanding and compassionate with us while we made the hardest decision of our lives. I am grateful for the staff here who made our last hours with our best friend the best they could be. Thank you for what you do, and Thank you for caring as much as we did. We will forever be grateful that we chose to come to you.

Dawn P.
August 12, 2021

Greater Lansing Veterinary Center gave excellent care to my dog who swallowed his stuffed toy whole. We were very worried, and called ahead, and they got us in right away.

Caitlin M at the front desk was very kind, patient, and professional! Amanda the veterinary assistant really took the time to make my timid dog comfortable, and sat with him on the floor, she took the time to explain everything in detail and was very patient and kind. She even brought me to a comfortable room that was nicer than my living room with a sofa so I could spend time with my dog before he went back to surgery. I have been a pet owner my whole life, and I have never had a veterinary assistant give my pet care like that.

Dr. Breen had an appropriate level of concern and urgency regarding my emergency situation, and I believe he gave my dog the best care possible! My dog had emergency surgery Sunday afternoon, and Dr. Breen called me with an update after. I took him home the next day after he was cleared. Dr. Nelms took the time to call me Monday and let me know he was doing well and ready to go home, and Lori the vet tech spent extra time with me to review discharge instructions.

I also spoke with several front desk team members and they were all very helpful, I wish I could list all of their names!!! You can call at any time 24/7 for updates if your pet is inpatient. The diagnostics and surgery was reasonably priced and I was sent home with medication to make him comfortable.

My dog was trusting and calm with the staff, and we all know that dogs are good judges of character. I would 10/10 recommend this clinic in an emergency situation. I didn’t have to wait very long, but if I had to wait longer it would have been worth the wait 100 percent.

Jennifer O.
August 10, 2021

We had a nightmare experience of having our beautiful an very passive German Shepherd bit by another dog we were watching. Didn’t know he was wounded till bedtime cause he never complained and his fur is so thick. About 10pm we got turned away by MSU because they were so busy so they sent us here and they were also swamped but they kept him overnight at no charge then got him all cleaned up, stitches and a drainage tube, looked awful! We went back at 4:30am a few days later thinking they wouldn’t be so busy then and they were not at all busy, so we waited about 5 minutes for them to get him back and take out the tub. We did the same thing 10 days later for the stitches and had the same success. Thru it all they’ve been very friendly and kind. Our dog is healing beautifully and I’m so grateful for them. Also, very reasonable priced, way cheaper than MSU.

Jennifer S.
June 10, 2021

Our first visit with my very difficult and already a bit sedated australian heeler, we got in referred to the cardiologist next door also and got the very complete diagnosis within an acceptable time. Bad news, but great service. Next time he wasn’t breathing well and the vet drained fluid from him as I hoped. Another complete analysis. Somehow they got a very difficult dog treated and as fit as possible. Katlyn is knowledgeable (understands our problems) and efficient and caring.

LuAnn W.
April 29, 2021

Our seven week old golden retriever was diagnosed with Parvo. We took her to Greater Lansing Vet clinic in Williamston where she spent two nights. She went in on a Wednesday and we brought her home on a Friday morning when they said we could continue treating her ourselves. She is doing great thanks to the staff there. She is back to the puppy she should be. Thank you to all the Staff that took care of Daisy.

Leonard H.
April 24, 2021

My dog was attacked at a dog park on a Saturday afternoon. After frantically calling multiple emergency vet clinics being informed that they were all at capacity and were unable to help my sweet boy, Greater Lansing Vet Center informed me of the same thing, that they were at capacity but if I brought him in they would squeeze him in and help him. I am extremely grateful for the staff, they easily could have turned us away but instead they treated my scared boy with true compassion and did not recommend any unnecessary treatment. There was a bit of a wait but that was expected with how busy they were. Thank you so much to all of the staff.

Tricia K.
April 5, 2021

Our dog was diagnosed with a platelet disorder. A friend of ours is a vet and recommended Greater Lansing to us. The level of care we received was outstanding to say the least. Our little Izzy has had to be there twice and they have turned her around. I can not say enough about their entire staff. We recommend them at the highest level.

Raymond P.
March 29, 2021

Our Doodle jumped up on a window breaking it and lacerated his paw. Our usual vet was overcapacity and suggested GLVC. GLVC was also very busy and had more and more critical cases come in. As our dog was stable he had to keep being put off for more serious cases, so after 4 hours they decided to bring him in and keep him overnight so they could work on him when the critical cases were handled. They were able to work on him early in the morning and had him all stitched up and ready for us in the morning and apologized for it taking so long. When we brought him back this morning for his bandage change and wound check it was again very busy so they took him in again and held him until we could get back from our grandson’s birthday party. Again they were very apologetic for how long it took that it was a hectic day and having him for the day had brightened everyone’s day. We are very happy with the care he received and the service was wonderful.

Davin A.
March 20, 2021

I want to give a big thanks to Greater Lansing Veterinary Center for taking such great care of my fur baby. He doesn’t like a lot of people but they were able to examine the growth on his paw and determine they could surgically remove it the next day. When I brought him back the next day Natalie came out to get him and he didn’t even growl and went into the building with her. When I came to pick him up after surgery, he walked out with Natalie and the muzzle was in her hand. This is the 1st time in his 10 yrs that he was able to be unmuzzled coming out of the vets.

Dr. Nelms and her staff were fantastic. I’m so glad to have found this place and will recommend to anyone in need of an emergency Veterinary service. They are very reasonable priced with his visit and next day surgery totaling under $2k. A small price to pay for my baby…

I strongly urge anyone in need of a vet, emergency or not to consider Greater Lansing Veterinary Center. This will be my first choice for all future pet needs.

Rebecca C.
March 10, 2021

The staff was very kind to my scared cat. They even had her purring. The staff answered all of my questions. They were compassionate and kind when we had to put our cat down. Thank you for all you did for my cat Zora and for my family.

Karen P.
February 22, 2021

I am so grateful for the Doctors and Staff at Greater Lansing Vet Center. My dog arrived under urgent circumstances and the quick care she received was exceptional and professional. The dedicated Doctors and staff were sympathetic to my concerns and worries and extremely patient and helpful in answering all questions. I highly recommend this Vet Center for any pet and owner finding themselves in unfortunate circumstances.

Allison J.
February 16, 2021

Thank you for being available 24/7. We were given top notch care with no hassle when our personal vet could not treat a bite that needed stitches. I will definitely return if another unfortunate event happens. Thank you staff!

Michelle S.
January 19, 2021

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